Thary Style <> Jul 24

Dearest Scott,

How are you and how your family?
I hope you are fine!.
I miss you also.
I would like to wish you have good health all the time!.
Please take care.
All the best
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Email from Thary on Dec. 26

Thary Style
to me

Dearest Scott

How are you?Happy marry Christmas.

I’m okay now!,yes now is tourist season and my selling is better

because this year have many customers but they can’t pay to every thing

not to much.

I would like to wish you have best health and have good luck every time with this Christmas.

All the best

Take care


Email from Thary on Nov. 9

Thary Style
to me

Dearest my love,

I am very happy for your mail to me.

Now my health is so so,and my business is not so good

for me,but i’m so happy that you keep in tuck with me.

Wow!!!!i am very glade that i have someone would like to

visit me,Yes,please you give my email to them okay.

Thank you very much that you miss to Cambodia and i hope

to see you back again, i miss you all so.

Now i am not yet have the Facebook but i want to have it,I hope

when i have a telephone that can play the Facebook and email,

I will take a Facebook,because i can play every time.

Thank you very very much that you can help me every time

and you are sometime worry about me.

I wish you have very heal and good luck all the time.

Please take care your self

Best regards


*:) happy

Email from Thary on Sept. 22

Thary Style
to me

Dearest Scott, 

I am thank you so much for your mail to me.

I am sorry,i don’t know who?want to visit me.

I am thank you very very much for my website.

Some time i have the customer know me from my website,that you do for me.

I wish you have very good healthy.

Please keep in touch.

take care,


*:) happy

Thary’s birthday is coming up

Dearest Scott

Hello Sir!how are you now?
Ho!…..Now i think you not yet send Email to Ms.Note,because i see your
mail come to me but your writing i think you say with Ms.Note.
When you come to Siem Reap again,i hope to see you soon!,because on
02 October 2012 is my birthday so i want you and your family to enjoy with me.
I wish you health and good luck all the time
Take care

Latest word from Thary

This is an email I received on 8/8/2011

Hello Scott,

How are you now?I miss you all so,where are you now?
You want to back in Cambodia right?and when you back?or you want to orders my bracelets by Email?I will wait from you.
Now my selling is not so good for me,cos now in Cambodia has raining so much,so i have any problem for me.
But now I’m very happy that i know about you again.
Take care,
All the best